This website has been created by 7 budding 6th year students at Preston Lodge High School in Prestonpans, these are:

Alexander Caughey
Adam Vince
Cameron McSorley
Finlay Richardson
Jamie Halvorson
Neil Manderson
Paul Smith

All of the students have studied the courses and have been able to use successful parts of their learning and really concentrate on parts that they all found most difficult, thus creating a fantastic, smooth and easy-to-use study tool, which is known as 'Neil Takes on Science'.

Neil Takes on Science started as a joke, the pupils where asked to create videos during their courses, Neil Manderson was the joker of the group and the star of their videos, thus the name Neil Takes on Science arose. This name is still being used today mainly due to the closeness of the 7 friends and also allowing them to try and share the fun and happiness they felt during their courses.